Penn State Retrospective 2013

Eloise Piper

Penn State New Kensington  
3550 7th Street Road , Lower burrell, PA 15068 
September  1 - 29, 2013
Meet the artist at a free, open to the public, gallery reception on September  6 from 6  to  8 pm.

This remarkable show presents work from over 50 years of the former Pittsburgh artist's prolific career.  Many works have never before been displayed.

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  1. Mary Joan (Pat) Anderson avatar
    Mary Joan (Pat) Anderson Nov 8, 2014

    I was introduced to you and your work through a cousin of my late husband, Kent Anderson.  I was glad to see some of your art he recently shared as we were celebrating my mother-in-laws 104th birthday.  I appreciate his leading me to your website. I somehow feel as though you are a friend that I may have always missed knowing. I wish you love, joy and peace.

  2. K , Santucci Cimaglio avatar
    K , Santucci Cimaglio Jan 6, 2015

    After all these years, still a fan.