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  1. Rosemary avatar
    Rosemary Nov 22, 2010

    They’re all great, but I especially love the Hawaii series!

  2. Steve Crider avatar
    Steve Crider Nov 27, 2010

    Wonderful to see these posted and available to the public! Great idea.

  3. Will avatar
    Will Nov 27, 2010

    Thank you, Ellie,Your colors and perspectives come through to me as a vital force.Will

  4. mary Sheridan avatar
    mary Sheridan Nov 28, 2010

    I love all of them, of course.  I particularly like autumn leaves in the window series.  May hills in the Southern Cal series.  I think we saw a few of these paintings when we visited—-I think I remember the fire series.  You look terrific in the photo on the website.  Glad you’re doing well.  Love the website—-great idea.

  5. jennifer subasic-marks avatar
    jennifer subasic-marks Nov 29, 2010

    Great site Ellie!!!!I am impressed with how you put this togetherI hope that it helps get your work out there This is a wonderful career move and allows you to get the images to so many places and people yeah!Jenn

  6. William Purves avatar
    William Purves Nov 29, 2010

    Wow Ellie, great site! Good luck with this! Bill

  7. Susan Schneider avatar
    Susan Schneider Nov 29, 2010

    A wonderful and easy to use website..Loved them all but especially fire series. Are they all batik? Sure miss doing it. Lovely photo of you and thanks for being in touch. Your work is powerful and lovely.

  8. True avatar
    True Nov 30, 2010

    Ellie your commitment to painting is quite clear.  Congratulations on having created such evocative images, so beautifully rendered.  You might enjoy Mable Dodge Luhan’s book, Winter in Taos, from the SDPLibrary. Seize the brush!

  9. liz hattin avatar
    liz hattin Jul 5, 2011

    Love your new web pages.  The fire series is most impressive as is Hawaii.  The new dolls are just perfect and like that you buy the book with the doll. Hope you can get this out to the general public who doesn’t know your name so they can buy these. love, liz This also shows your evolvement over many years.

  10. Megan Coffey avatar
    Megan Coffey Dec 21, 2011

    Thanks for sharing this website, Ellie!  Your work is BEAUTIFUL as always!  My favorites are the Snow Series, Hawaii Series and Window Series.  I love the meaning behind the Snow Series, and am so happy to hear that Carolyn is doing well.  (Did I tell you I signed up to be a donor because of her?)One proofreading comment—the “Sewing and Sculpting Dolls” link is missing the “t.”  (Sorry, but that’s how you can tell I’m Rosemary’s daughter…)

  11. Brigitte Alexander avatar
    Brigitte Alexander Dec 21, 2012

    Your creatvity is remarkable, Ellie. Are there notecards - sets with multiple images ? .. It’s a pleasure to look at the site.

  12. Emily Macrae avatar
    Emily Macrae Mar 12, 2013

    I just picked up your book “Creating and Crafting Dolls”. I goggled you to find out what you were doing now. What a treat! Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts.

  13. Brada   J avatar
    Brada J Jan 3, 2014

    Whow ! Awesome Display of endless Talent !  3D feelings and 6 Sense’s SOMEHOW poured on canvas !
    I must say the 57’ Photo is Best !!  SkyDiving or
    Deep Scuba should be the next Vacation , that will
    complete the Full Gallery !!  Mahalo Nui Loa Brada J